With our modern electronic knitting machines, we produce Classic fabrics such as Piqué, Single Jersey, Two Thread, as well as Jacquard and Specially Designed fabrics. We produce summer and winter fabrics in different thicknesses from 14gg to 32 gg.


Organic cotton, Better Cotton, recycled polyester which we produce with environmentally friendly sustainable production certificates, are other fabrics that we produce, as well as non-ironing and easy-care fabrics.


Our own production, as well as Turkey and abroad with leading Knitted Fabric suppliers are making strategic cooperation.



In our modern factories built for purpose, we are producing apparel with the aim of continuous customer satisfaction at the quality and deadline we promise. In addition to modern facilities, the use of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, safe, clean and healthy working conditions play a major role for an efficient and intended production with experienced operators.


The long years of experience, talents and qualifications of our employees constitute the strongest part of our existence. We support this strength with training, the right tools, equipment and equipment, and a healthy and safe environment aimed at the happiness of our employees.



With our latest model electronic embroidery machines, we are organized to perform all kinds of embroidery and rigging work that are a part of the design, perfectly.


For all printing details, we have strategic collaborations with the most modern printing facilities.


On this occasion, we can add the most up-to-date printing, washing and dyeing techniques to our production process. Chemicals and other materials we use especially in printing and embroidery processes are used and disposed of in a way that does not pose health and environmental risks.


Our basic approach to the concept of quality is to prevent the problem before it occurs. We take the necessary precautions by determining the reasons for the problems that arise to prevent them from occurring again.

We can summarize our Quality Policy as follows;

  • To learn the demands of our customers correctly and to teach them to our employees.
  • Providing the right equipment for the right job.
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment.
  • To be in a continuous improvement approach.
  • To ensure continuity with supportive systems and procedures.
  • To be aware of the fact that the experience, technical knowledge and skills of our staff over the years are the cornerstones of our quality.
  • To protect the environment by adopting safe and clean working practices.