Rasa Tekstil

Rasa Tekstil was established in 1993 in Istanbul.

It started with the production of high quality double mercerized polo shirts for major European brands. In the process, it expanded its product range and specialized in all kinds of men's and partly women's wear made of knitted fabrics.

Today, it continues to meet the demands of its customers with the excitement of the first day with its talented and experienced team from design to fabric and garment production in its factories in Istanbul and Anatolia.

Rasa Tekstil presents its knowledge, experience and skills gained over 25 years to its customers by combining them with the trends and techniques of the day and develops original products..

Research, development, design, continuous innovation, sustainable quality and reliable delivery are the strengths that Rasa Tekstil focuses on.

We Support a Sustainable World

We Support a Sustainable World

Our world is entrusted to us by future generations. With this awareness, we are committed to the standards set for "Sustainable World and Clean Environment" in order to leave them a cleaner world and we support these efforts. Our environmentally friendly fabric works are a product of this idea.